From silk to tea

The history of our company J. Fr. Scheibler begins with silk in the middle of the 19th Century. In Krefeld, Johann Friedrich I successfully imported raw silk from China. One of his sons, Robert A., expanded the business from Shanghai to include the purchase and shipping of tea. Since 1896 – residing in Hamburg in the meantime -, J. Fr. Scheibler has concentrated on tea alone.

Our company was one of the founders of the German Tea Association (Deutscher Teeverband) in 1917. We still actively participate in the policies of the association as a member of the Board.

J.Fr. Scheibler intends to further expand its position as one of the leading companies in the global tea market.

Peter von Kruse, Hartmut Scheibler, Robert Scheibler

Peter von Kruse, Robert Scheibler and Hartmut Scheibler († 21.10.2012).

1.    Treating our Tea Suppliers as Partners
Our close relations with the tea gardens and producers in the countries of origin enable us to gain aninsight into the cultivation and working conditions. Cooperation with partner organisations, like ETP, FAIRTRADE and the German Tea Association, support our efforts to achieve the best product quality and suitable living conditions on site. Regular audits examine the work of the tea gardens and producers.

Logo ethical tea partnership

2.    Best Qualities at Fair Market Prices
For nearly 150 years our close connection to producers and tea auction houses around the world have enabled JFS to become a strong, reliable and competitive importer in all core tea markets.

We operate on a weekly basis, strictly observing quality seasons and monitoring prive movements.

It is our attention to detail that gives JFS the ability to pass-on attractive prices to our valued customers.