From Krefeld, the “Town of Silk”,
to the Hanseatic City of Hamburg

In the 19th Century our grandfather, the founder of today’s company, Johann Friedrich Scheibler I, was a successful importer of raw silk from China. Residing in Germany’s “Town of Silk“, Krefeld in Rhineland, he established business relations and also began to trade with tea. At the end of the century the grandson born in Shanghai in the meantime, Johann Friedrich II, laid the foundation for today's company by establishing a tea company in Hamburg.


Johann Friedrich Scheibler I, Grandfather of the founder of the company
Johann Friedrich Scheibler I

For decades the silk and tea trade developed its commercial link between China and Europe. In Germany’s “Town of Silk”, Krefeld/Rhineland, Johann Friedrich Scheibler I was successful as an importer of silk. He is the grandfather of the founder of our company. 


Tea-Clipper „Hertha“ auf hoher See
"Hertha" in Huangpu/ Shanghai

First tea clipper is built by the Americans; in 1850 English tea clippers follow. This considerably reduces the transport time. In the great race in 1866 the “Teaping” took 99 days from Fuzhou to the London docks.


Robert Adolf Scheibler with a horse trailer
Robert Adolf Scheibler I

His son, Robert Scheibler I, emigrates to Shanghai at the age of 22 and founds the company, ‘Robert Scheibler & Co’. He exports silk and later also tea.


Fall of the British tea trade monopoly.


Opening of the Suez Canal, and steam ships replace the tea clippers.


Johann Friedrich Scheibler II as an infant
Johann Friedrich Scheibler II

Birth of Johann Friedrich Scheibler II in Shanghai. He is christened on the corvette of the North German Confederation.


Document: price list from 1884
Price list in 1884

Robert and his wife run the tea shipping company ‘Robert Scheibler’ in Kleve.


Trading licence
Trade licence

Johann Friedrich II founds the tea company “Johann Friedrich Scheibler & Co” (JFS) to support the Klever company in Hamburg. His aim: the import of mainly Chinese and Indian tea.


Three men tea tasting
Tea Tasting

Partnership in Michaelsen Bremen v.v. and founding of a mutual purchasing company in China.


World War I


Johann Friedrich is President of the non-profit organisation, Hamburg-Bremer-Teehändler e.V.


Report to the foundation of the German Tea Association
Founding of German Tea Association

Founding of German Tea Association. Johann Friedrich Scheibler becomes its first President. He is also President of the organisation for tea advertising, Gesellschaft für Teewerbung, and represents German tea interests in the Comité Européen du Thé in Brussels.


Robert Max Scheibler II on a tea plantation.
Robert Max Scheibler II

Robert Max Scheibler II goes to Futschou/China at the age of 23 and learns the tea business. In Mandarin he is called ‘Schi Bo Lo’, “happy uncle from the west”, a description which the staff members say also applies to Robert Scheibler III today.


After the death of Johann Friedrich (1927), Robert Max Scheibler II takes over the partnership.


Hartmut Scheibler with his father Robert Max II
Hartmut Scheibler with his father Robert Max II

Hartmut Scheibler enters the company. He reorganises the transit business and discovers new cultivation territories (i.e. Peru, Argentina).


Robert Max Scheibler II gets presented a tea plant
Robert Max Scheibler II

Robert Scheibler celebrates his 70th birthday. He was President of the tea association for 15 years. The tea association honours this in public celebrations


Robert Phillipp Scheibler III smells tea leaves
Robert Philipp Scheibler III

Robert Philipp Scheibler (III) was born in 1964 and has been a partner since 1987.


Hartmut Scheibler
Hartmut Scheibler

A new Board of Directors is appointed in the Tea Association, Hartmut Scheibler is a member.


Production and warehouse building
New production and warehouse building

Construction of the new production and warehouse building in the free port of Hamburg. Moved from Speicherstadt (Versmannstrasse) to the port.


Peter von Kruse, nephew of Hartmut Scheibler
Peter von Kruse

Peter von Kruse, Hartmut Scheibler’s nephew, enters the company as third partner in addition to Robert and Hartmut Scheibler. He expands the business to include the French and Russian markets.

The operative business is headed by Robert Scheibler and his cousin, Peter von Kruse; Hartmut Scheibler provides consulting services to them based on his experience.

J. Fr. Scheibler is still a family-run trading firm and continues the tradition it built up over decades and, therefore, safeguards the expertise for present and future generations. More than 100 years of experience give us a solid foundation in the tea business in Europe and all over the world.


Peter von Kruse, Hartmut Scheibler and Robert Scheibler
Robert Scheibler

Robert Scheibler is a member of the board of the German Tea Association. At the customers’ request J.Fr. Scheibler blends quality tea, tea for the processing industry as well as innovative blends with various ingredients.


Peter von Kruse, nephew of Hartmut Scheibler
Hartmut Scheibler

The Family Business J. FR. Scheibler takes farewell of his longterm shareholder, director, consultant and partner Hartmut Scheibler who passes away at the age of 76 on 21st October 2012.